Sugars That Heal

Sugars That Heal
The New Healing Science of

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It isn't often that you find the words sugar and heal together when discussing health matters, but Dr. Emil Mondoa is working hard to change that. As founder of the Glyconutrients Research Foundation and author (along with Mindy Kitei) of Sugars That Heal, he has found that the addition of essential sugars to your diet can affect everything from the immune system to cholesterol levels. But this doesn't mean you should start heaping table sugar on every meal (the bad sugar)! Rather, Mondoa proposes that through the use of a few simple supplements, you may be able to fight off colds, lower your blood pressure, or simply have more energy.

Book Description: "Sugars That Heal" sounds like a contradiction in terms, but it's the key to one of the most important breakthroughs in recent medical science.

We've all been bombarded with warnings about the evils of consuming too much sugar. But, in fact, for our bodies to function properly, we need small amounts of eight essential sugars, only two of which--glucose and galactose--are commonly found in our limited, overprocessed diets. When all eight sugars are available, the health benefits can be breathtaking: Individuals regain their ability to fight disease, reactivate their immune systems, and are able to ward off infection. Based on cutting-edge research in the rapidly evolving science of glyconutrients, Sugars That Heal is an exciting new approach to health and disease prevention.

As medical doctor and scientific researcher Emil Mondoa explains, these eight essential sugars, known as saccharides, are the basis of multicellular intelligence--the ability of cells to communicate, cohere, and work together to keep us healthy and balanced. Even tiny amounts of these sugars--or lack of them--have profound effects. In test after test conducted at leading institutes around the world, saccharides have been shown to lower cholesterol, increase lean muscle mass, decrease body fat, accelerate wound healing, ease allergy symptoms, and allay autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, psoriasis, and diabetes. Bacterial infections, including the recurrent ear infections that plague toddlers, often respond remarkably to saccharides, as do many viruses--from the common cold to the flu, from herpes to HIV. The debilitating symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and Gulf War syndrome frequently abate after adding saccharides. And, for cancer patients, saccharides mitigate the toxic effects of radiation and chemotherapy--while augmenting their cancer-killing effects, resulting in prolonged survival and improved quality of life.

Sugars That Heal offers a revolutionary new health plan based on the science of glyconutrients--foods that contain saccharides. It gives authoritative guidance for getting all eight saccharides conveniently into your diet through supplements and readily available foods, as well as detailed information on correct dosages. Here, too, are chapters dealing with the special nutritional needs of people suffering from cancer, heart disease, asthma, and neurological disorders, and methods for using glyconutrients to treat depression, obesity, and ADHD.

The more doctors learn about glyconutrients, the more excited they become about their long-term fundamental health benefits. Now, with this new book, the breakthroughs in the study of glyconutrients are available to everyone. Whether your goal is to prevent disease, live longer and better, or treat a serious illness that has eluded conventional medicine, Sugars That Heal is your essential guide to complete health.

In addition to personal stories that they work, today there is a HUGE body of scientific evidence that supports the potential benefits of glyconutrients for various health conditions.

This new book published by Random House and available at most book stores, summarizes some of the benefits. Here?s some of the headings from the table of contents:

  • Introduction to the Immune System

  • Key Cells in the Body's Immune Response & how Glyconutrients Improve their Functioning

  • Preventing the Common Cold and Other Viruses

  • Treating Bacterial, Fungal, and Parasitic Infections

  • Alleviating Allergies, Asthma, and Other Pulmonary Diseases

  • Healing Skin Disorders, Burns, and Wounds

  • Addressing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Gulf War Syndrome

  • Managing Arthritis, Diabetes, and Other Chronic Illnesses

  • Inhibiting Cancer

  • Fighting Hepatitis, HIV, and Opportunistic Infections


  • Glyconutrients as Preventive Self-Care

  • Glyconutrients Slow Down Aging; Build Endurance, Sexual Function, and Fertility

  • Glyconutrients help you Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

  • Glyconutrients and Prevention of Sun Damage, Osteoporosis, and Cataracts

  • Working with Memory, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, and ADHD

  • Glyconutrients Improve Memory and Learning

  • Glyconutients and ADHD

  • Glyconutrients Lower Anxiety and Improve Sleep

  • Reversing Heart Disease

  • Raising "Good" Cholesterol and Lowering "Bad" Cholesterol with Glyconutrients

  • Glyconutrients, Blood Pressure, and Heart Failure

  • Prescription for the Future

  • Glyconutrients and the Science of Medicine


Not having these essential glyconutrients in your diet increases your propensity toward disease and accelerated aging.

Miracle Sugars

The New Class of Missing Nutrients
"Miracle Sugars"

Scientists have recently discovered that our modern diet is missing some very vital nutrients, and surprisingly enough, these missing nutrients are sugars. After years of research, author Rita Elkins has come to the conclusion that the lack of these invaluable sugars in our diet is a major reason for most of today?s diseases; even cancer, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Today, six out of the top ten causes of death are diet related, and chronic degenerative diseases afflict over 120 million Americans. Miracle Sugars provides valuable information on the recent breakthrough discovery of glyconutrients, which have amazing abilities to maintain and balance your immune system, helping you to achieve optimum health and prevent even the most insidious of today?s killer diseases.


Page 12: Can the Human Body Make Glyconutrients:

Yes, we do have the ability to manufacture some glyconutrients, but to do so requires complex chemical pathways. The harmful effects of stress, toxins, poor nutrition, and genetic abnormalities in our metabolism can inhibit this conversion. Consequently, the number and structure of our glycoproteins may be impaired, which can lead to a number of serious health conditions common to our day.

Could these conditions be our modern-day scurvy or beri beri? Could the increase in disease state we see today actually be nothing more than nutritional deficiencies? Consider this... what if those deficiencies involved a class of nutrients that remained unknown until only ten years ago? If our assumptions are true, then it only stands to reason that these conditions could be dramatically treated with the missing nutrients!

Page 14: A Diet Deficiency Today is a Clinical Event Tomorrow

Cancer has moved from the tenth leading cause of death to number two, even after Richard Nixon?s ?War on Cancer? spent thirty billion dollars attempting to find a cure. Diabetes has increased 700 percent since 1959. Nearly fifteen million American adults suffer from asthma and the Environmental Health Commission predicts that number will increase to twenty-nine million by 2020. Twenty-one million Americans suffer from arthritis, and approximately fifty million Americans suffer from autoimmune diseases, with 75 percent of these being female. Many of these autoimmune conditions were practically non-existent thirty years ago.

Look at the average diet of children today--soft drinks, processed cereal, pizza, candy, fast food and their favorite and often only source of vegetables: French fries. Could this be why we are seeing a dramatic rise in ADHD, to the point where eight million American children need to be drugged daily? Autism has gone from 1 in 10,000 children to 1 in 150 in just ten years. Further, adult-onset diabetes is occurring at epidemic rates in children as young as eight.

Page 18: The Consequences of Glyconutrition

Complete Glyconutrition provides immune balance, fortification, and maintenance. Glyconutritionals are very unique because they are immune system modulators. This means glyconutrient supplementation can help to correct an overactive immune system (auto-immune diseases), boost an under active immune system (chronic or recurring infections), and keep immune armies in tip-top shape for exceptional disease prevention.

Page 20: Scientific Research Backing Glyconutrition

There are over 20,000 studies conducted annually on glycoforms alone. Researchers from universities and major pharmaceutical companies realize the importance of this new discovery. Breaking the ?sugar-code? will mean a tremendous advancement in health and medicine.

Studies confirm that the eight essential biologically active sugars can accomplish amazing results. The following are just a few examples of the exciting possibilities of Glyconutrition:

  • Dramatically raises natural killer cell and macrophage count against infectious organisms.

  • Activates immune T-cell activity only when invaders or antigens are present.

  • Decreases cell death in chronic fatigue syndrome.

  • Dramatically elevates disease resistance in weakened individuals.

  • Acts as antioxidant compounds, which boost the collection of dangerous free radicals.

  • Protects the body against toxin and pollutant exposure.

  • Slows premature aging.

  • Decreases inflammation in diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Helps immune cells recognize invaders due to a mutual ?sugar exchange? of information.

  • Enables cellular components to stick to each other initiating the right reactions.

Miracle Sugars is published by Woodland Publishing, who has sold millions of books found in health food stores across North America.

About the Author:
Rita Elkins, M.H. has worked as an author and research specialist in the health field for the last ten years, and possess a strong background in both conventional and alternative health therapies. She is the author of numerous books, including Solving the Depression Puzzle, The Pocket Herbal Reference, The Complete Fiber Fact Book, and The Herbal Emergency Guide. She has received an honorary Master Herbalist Degree from the College of Holistic Health and Healing in 1994.

Rita is frequently consulted for the formulation of herbal blends and has recently joined a Research Medical Advisory Board. She is a regular contributor to Let?s Live and Great Life magazines and is a frequent host on radio talk shows exploring natural health topics. She lectures nationwide on the science behind natural compounds and collaborates with medical doctors on various projects. She recently co-authored Soy Smart Health with New York Times? best-selling author Neil Solomon, M.D.

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